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Subject: CW Prosigns and a few other modes

This is a terrific concept, and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it on both voice, PSK and CW.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

It would be nice to have a couple more pro-signs for the CW ops.
Adding AR and SK would be great.

Also, I am using Vista which does work, sort of, but it would be terrific if somehow you could add RTTY, PSK, and SSTV to the list of modes by embedding them inside the CQ100 so calling up other software externally would not be necessary. I can't do that anyway with Vista, and have to use a second computer to pump the tones into CQ100. It works, but it sure would be slick to have all that happen behind the curtain. As Vista continues to gain users, it would be great to keep it easy to use with CQ100 (and less frustrating).

Again, kudos on a sensational concept and a nice addition to ham radio.
It sure is fun.


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