Topic: CW practice beacons starting at 5 wpm (2 replies)
#1     Wed Dec 20, 2006 3:46 am
Honolulu, Hi
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Subject: CW practice beacons starting at 5 wpm

I would like to see slower speed (5 wpm, 10 wpm, 15 wpm, 20 wpm) beacons on CQ-100. The present QVE3A & QVE3B beacons are very good for a ham proficient at CW and trying to get their code speed up to 25 wpm/37 wpm. How about beacons for the new ham or old timer trying to work their way up from 5 wpm to 20 wpm? Most of the time the present beacons do not help someone who can't copy CW below 20 wpm.

Randy KH6IB
#2     Wed Dec 20, 2006 12:07 pm
San Jose Ca.
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Subject: Code Practrice

Randy--Great idea to start practrice at 5wpm----Even if the FCC is going to drop the Code it will Never die----Its very simple if you want to use the code and keep ham radio alive then learn it!!-----73---Red---w6alc
#3     Wed Dec 20, 2006 1:28 pm
Cockermouth, UK
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Visit my web page, download the program MorseGen and start to learn Morse at the speed you want to receive it. If you start at 5 wpm you will always count the dots and dashes and do a mental "look-up" of the character. You just can't do that at higher speeds and you will always have a mental block when you try to go faster, as so many of us who learned the old way have found. Using the Koch method you learn to recognize one letter at a time at a speed fast enough that you have to recognize it by the sound, not by the individual dots and dashes.

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