Topic: Display of "zero" for callsigns (0 replies)
#1     Mon Dec 11, 2006 4:41 pm
Apopka FL
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Subject: Display of "zero" for callsigns

First of all, let me say this is GREAT! I haven't been on HF for a long time due to space & antenna restrictions, and this brings back good memories of the old "AM" (remember that mode?) days.

Any chance to make a slight change in the way the zero is displayed, at least for call signs (I mean with a forward slash through the zero)? That's the way it used to be displayed and would make it seem more realistic.

In Windows you can get it that way by having the NUM LOCK on, holding down the ALT key and pressing 0216 on the numeric keypad.

Thanks again for a very valuable and fun product.

73 to all and Happy Holidays,


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