Topic: system-wide PTT and indicator on task bar (1 replies)
#1     Wed Dec 06, 2006 2:50 am
Pusan, Korea
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Subject: system-wide PTT and indicator on task bar

When we use more than two programs at the same time, we easily encounter with PTT problem. Because you can't activate your PTT when CQ100 is not active on your Windows. What about considering system-wide PTT like F12 key or any other user-defined keys? Then we may be able to control the PTT even when the other program is active.

In that case, another problem we have to think is that we can make mistake without recongnizing it. To reduce that sort of possiblity, what about changing the color or symbol of program icon of the task bar ? Or making it blink, if it is possible.

Thanks for your hard work.

Joe, HL5KY
#2     Fri Dec 15, 2006 2:54 pm
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Yes , i agree , I also would like to see a systemwide ptt made possible , as I am used to from Echolink .
That would make it far easier to reply standing bye on 14200 while working on another programme .


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