Topic: "LINK BAND SEGMENT" Warning? (1 replies)
#1     Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:51 am
Spanaway, WA
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Subject: "LINK BAND SEGMENT" Warning?

How about adding a line of text in the area of the CQ100 frequency display, similar to the one for CALLING FREQUENCY, indicating that LINKS may be prresent? This would appear upon switching to band 29, much like CALLING FREQUENCY does when one tunes to a designated calling frequency. With a reminder such as that, people would instantly become aware that they may be talking on a non-frequency agile system and unless they wish to intentionally participate on that system, they should choose another frequency. Just a thought. This would prevent CW, SSTV, and anything else, from inadvertently going out over my two meter repeater or Echolink, to which I have a link on 29.69. I believe that this little reminder could potentially save much grief for everyone. Thanks for your consideration.

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Gary E. Kohtala - K7EK
#2     Tue Dec 05, 2006 8:18 am
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This idea has been discussed and its on the to do list.
But its not easy because we need to extend the protocol so the server can load the list of special frequencies every time the tranceiever opens. The tranceiver wil need to check this list every time you change frequencies.

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