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#1     Sat Sep 09, 2006 10:06 am
Stockholm and Norrtaelje JO99IQ
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Subject: Internet remote base (IRB)

Hi Doug. Have you thougts to even convert CQ 100 to a remote base simular to the IRB as Stan W4MQ (www, have done? It will open up the possibilty to make real QSO on HF etc. and if you want use as it is. Just a thougt. 73 de Lars
#2     Sat Sep 09, 2006 10:25 am
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Hi Lars. A few people have told me about W4MQ. I think Echolink specializes in this type of thing. It might be possible right now if someone uses their rig vox and the CQ100 vox at the same time. See my "Just Dreaming" post in feature request.

Larry AA5TA and Smitty WB3IAL have told me about SDR, software defined radio. The web site is
I spend a few hours on the web site and downloaded the demonstration.
The proposed new version for the SDR software will be a client-server model that means it should be all ready for remote control over the internet.

If I was not so happy with my Kenwood TS570, I would buy this rig today. The only problem I heard was that full break-in QSK on CW does not work.

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