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#1     Thu Nov 09, 2006 2:11 pm
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Subject: CW Key

Since I enjoy CW but never use the keyboard in this mode, would it be possible to assign a key to send CW as if using a straight key? I am sitting here on my laptop and this hair brain idea came to me wondering if it would be possible to use the little touch pad to generate the tones based on how long I held down my finger? Since this pad is only used on laptops, I would then think maybe a certain key could do the same thing, usable on destop computers as well. This is just a thought as I don't know if it even possible. You would find me in the CW spectrum if it were.

Steve - W0SDG
#2     Mon May 21, 2007 10:41 am
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That would be a great idea for those who dont have keyers or straight key.

Another way tho if you have an HF rig is to use the side tone of your rig to generate the tone and just keep up themic on CQ100.

That would work.

#3     Tue May 22, 2007 10:03 am
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We built a version last autumn, where pumping a keyboard key would send hand generated CW. Upon testing, we found there was too much slop in the key to send nice CW at a decent speed. Pumping the mouse button did not work very well either. We are currently working on a keyer program that will monitor the com port for movemenet of connected paddle. A tiny lag between the movement of the paddle and hearing the sound becomes very annoying at higher speeds. We have now discovered a special Windows API that will solve this lag. There is a warning that using API might make some sound cards unable to share with other programs, and this API may not work with Windows 98. We continue to test it. Its the same Microsoft WDM-KS (kernal streaming) API used by Flex Radio to achieve low-lag keying on the com port.

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