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#1     Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:43 pm
Murray, KY
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Subject: Higher purpose?

We can all agree that QSO100 is a wonderful new internet based communications tool for hams. What we may not all agree on is its intended use. Do we keep it just for rag chewing or is their a higher purpose?

Earlier this week, I posted a proposal to this forum to add a capability to use CQ1000 as an Elmering tool. Now, I'm also suggesting that the software facilitate emmergency communications and traffic handling.

More specifically, how about two separate buttons somewhere on the face of the tranceiver GUI.... one button labeled "Calling" when clicked would qsy to 14.200. The other button labeled "Traffic" when clicked would qsy to 14.300. Both freqs should be locked out of the vfo and only accessible by clicking these buttons to avoid inadvertent use.

What do you think?


#2     Sat Nov 04, 2006 10:03 am
Apple Valley MN
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By the time all the "special interest" buttons and features are added to this program, the CQ100 would be too large to fit on the screen! It is my understanding that Doug has developed this program to be just what it appears now, a Ham Radio Rig to do what Ham Radio operators do. He has opened the door to all ham related modes keeping in mind that we try to operate each mode in it's generally accepted spectrum as on a real HF rig. I think the idea is that we suggest ideas to improve the operation and add features that satisfy the general population of users, ie; logging, moving between frequencies, memory features, etc. Whatever our special interests are, we just pick a frequency and develope an awareness of that location for those that would be interested. I don't think this is a "kitchen sink" program. Everyone has their ideas, but, do they satisfy the benefit of most operators. I could live with the way the program is set up right now and still find a way to do all the related ideas available and modes available to us. Maybe Doug could add a programable feature so everyone could add their special frequencies(s) on their own rig?? I love to see the chatter regarding making the digital modes functional and features that we are now able to enjoy as Hams. We can do anything we want with what we already have for the most part. Just use the available resources we have already been given.

Steve - W0SDG

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