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#1     Wed Nov 01, 2006 1:49 pm
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Subject: tx audio bandpass filtering

Great program, having lots of fun here. Love the visual design of the cq100 transceiver, it combines a bit of retro, with some modern features.

Now I have a question: Can a filter be added that will tailor the transmitted audio bandpass? I notice that many stations using PC mics have a LOT of bass response. I'd personally like to see some of that rolled off, since it tends to rattle the speakers. Alternatively, maybe a 'tone' control could be added to the receive section, to help in rolling off the bass a bit.

Thanks and maybe see ya on the 'air'!!

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Some stations need more bass and some need more treble. Some need more both :) It depends on the microphone.

A software tone control could be provided on the transmit side and / or the receive side, but this would amount to running DSP mathematics on the real time stream. It might boost the CPU useage significantly for older computers. Its more stuff to adjust too.

My powered computer speakers have both a tone and volume control. I found my USB mic (boom on headset) is louder and clearer than the old mic plugged into the sound card.

73 Doug


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