Topic: Easy and Quick CQ-CALL location over the whole band (0 replies)
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Subject: Easy and Quick CQ-CALL location over the whole band

The maingoal would be to quickly locate a CQ-CALL,and thus be located on the band, whatever the frequency used for a CQ.
This could be obtained by "a different colour of the blip on this frequency".
This will need a extra CQ-button on the CQ100 recognised by the server.
Technically it should transmit a CQ-identifier to the server starting on transmit and ending on key-over.
So this visual attention would only work once when actioned.
Further advantage of such a system would eliminate the need to "guess" for a free frequency when starting from 14.200 as we do now.
As well it would be more natural to look first for a free frequency and then start a CQ,just as we do on real bands.
It does mean that we have to suppress a general calling frequency(14.200).
Looking to a crowded virtual band in future,what do you think about?
Regards from Willy ON5KN

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