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Hudson, NH
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Subject: Priority Channel

Wonder if you have ever considered adding a priority channel like many radio scanners have?
Suppose I select 28.340 as my priority frequency then no matter where I am on the cq-100 if someone called me on that frequency I would receive an alert of some type (flashing light or beep) that I was being called and could respond. It is easy to park on one frequency to listen without participating in the activity and no one would know I was active but if someone was aware of my priority frequency and gave me a call I could respond. There is probably lots of people that have CQ-100 on but see no pips on the display and assume no one is active.
Just a thought and I have no idea if this is practical on not.
Love the system, you are providing a great service to all of us.
Thank You,
Best Regards Len, WA1HJR

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