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Subject: SWL facility

I'd like to suggest a Shortwave listener's facility where non-members can listen but not engage. I believe this would help those wishing to become hams to 'sample' our hobby and get used to the terminology - especially if they do not have ssb/cw capability.
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Like on real ham radio, there is no expectation of privacy on CQ100. However, it is easy to think that while on CQ100 there is some acceptable level of privacy, since only hams are on this system. Many of us do tell others our private plans, travel itineraries, etc. At least with just hams listening, I suspect that one could feel more secure with this information than having what we say opened up to God knows who around the world.

For me, as much as I enjoy SWL as a hobby as well, I say NO to opening this system up to non-hams.

Further, the idea of non-hams using a ham-type application makes me disappointed with HamSphere. With Skype, EchoLink, etc., I can control who hears me. With HamSphere and a SWL option on CQ100, this would not be possible. True not every ham can be trusted, but I don't mind that risk. Opening it up to the whole world to listen is a problem. On real radio, what I discuss is much more limited for the fact that anyone can hear it.

George, NJ3H
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Sorry to say I voted no

what is there to listen to lately?
The nets I have scheduled on various websites for cq100 alot arent active anymore very few qsos anymore

My sub expires 7/1/2013 and will not be renewing
Shame was fun in the past but can not see the $ 39 a year any more

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