Topic: an idea to develop the new world from here on CQ100. (3 replies)
#1     Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:29 am
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Subject: an idea to develop the new world from here on CQ100.

How about opening the window to non-members?

I hope they will have chances to WATCH CQ100 QSOs.

I sometimes think that CQ100 is a little too closed.
Non-licensed person can not look into the bands on CQ100.
This means CQ100 has no SWLs.
This makes CQ100 far different from the real amateur radio world.

We may be losing our next generation on CQ100.

SWLing is a good window to Radio Ham,
even in VoIP.

I believe we can invite them to the world of Ham Radio,
even on VoIP.

I hope there is a page for them to watch QSO Net.
Maybe it could be a new CLOUD-TYPE web page and there,
visitors could listen to the signals on QsoNet, with a mouse clicking
the frequency scale. It should be much fun for them.

This is an idea to
put a Receiver for visitors on the top page on QsoNet.

73s Teo/JH2DBQ, mgr. for JA2ZTM
#2     Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:30 pm
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Thanks Teo for this suggestion. SWL's have been discussed here before...

73, Doug
#3     Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:03 pm
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Subject: combining cq100 with a SW RX ????

i found this program and other like it searching for ham radio online . remote transcievers etc . i'd like to learn more about echolink and other methods of using ham radio through the internet . before i got my license i was an avid swler . chased after station qsls .. i even got some from a few hams who were gracious enough to answer my reception reports .i also use another virtual transciever program right now that does allow non hams use .. and i think its ok . but i think its a great idea that cq100 is ham only ... but maybe theres a way to still bring swl and cq100 together .

See ... ive got no equipment . dont even know when id be able to get some.a lot of folks are in that kind of jam . life has got them by the short and curlies and well , for this ham .. im running out of curlies . so i was surfing the net and read this article about online public ham utility stations .... which lead me to seach for remote radio online . i was led here though i didnt join right away . i am going to stay with cq100 . and im sure lots of new stuff will be added eventually.

in the course of my research i did discover there is indeed a lot of remote radio available , but again i think i need an elmer to explain ...i have met an operator who does allow his rig to be remotely operated ... through skype , but id still have full operation of the rig .. well at least whats afforded me with whatever remote interface im usuing i guess ...which brings me to something else that is availble ... remote sw rxers ...

last sunday night i logged a pirate station on 6925 khz on a remote receiver which is located in salt lake city .. this rxver i operated online , and well it works like a real rxer .. just when i sent in the reception report i was in ontario .. but the reciever was located in another location . wonder how many of those they get .

ok so you have cq100 virtual transciever ... what if you combined it with a live remote ( or several scattered around ) sw receiver .click a button and there could be a small change on the front of the radios interface showing a full coverage receiver with a selection of receivers to chose from.there is a program out called sdr radio which is basicly a program that lets you run certain radios remotely . software defined radio .its probably listed somewhere here in the blog , so im sure its nothing new.this software also will allow access to a network of several sdr radio users receivers , turning your pc into a sw radio with no radio or hardware.

so combining the cq100 and a remote receiver would certainly be an exciting move .. oh but i forgot about swlers listening on cq100 . what if a recieve only program was put together ... that is it would be a cq100 receiver ( and you could combine it with a live receiver too hihihi ) could be sold at a lower price , and i dont know ... the owners could be associate members .eventually listening to the nets and other intresting stuff ... they may want to move onto getting their amatuer license ... just an idea ... probably dumb .. but hey it could work
#4     Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:12 pm
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Hi Mike. Thanks for these ideas. I have similar thoughts bouncing around in my head for a few years now... some way to combine CQ100 with real HF radio. I am very happy when I see a few HF nets being simulcast on CQ100. I have developed a prototype program that looks similar to CQ100 but it acts like HRD to operate the radios at our club by remote control. I have the remote audio built into this program. This program will need lots of work before it is ready for prime time. I have tried Simon's new SDR remote control radio and its amazing!

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