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Subject: Suggested Transceiver Band Activity Indicator

Maybe this was discussed already but I'd like to suggest a CQ100 "Transceiver Enhancement"

I think it would be a very handy addition to be able to be on one frequency and operating on one band and see an indicator become visible when activity occurs on a different frequency on the other bands.

I know the transceiver remembers the frequency you are on when you switch between the bands but how cool would it be if when you left one band for another to have a visual indicator on the radio if that frequency were to become active while you were listening/operating on another band. How about having the "Band Button" flash orange or red when the frequency that you were on when you switched off to another band became active?

Currently the active band is lit up in blue letters and the inactive bands show white characters.

Say for instance you set the transceiver on ten meters to 28.400 and then you switched to 20 meters and were listening to a QSO on 14.255.
As soon as any activity occurred on 28.400 the 10 Meter band button would begin to flash orange giving you an instant visual indication of activity on whatever frequency you were on when you left that band. This would allow you to monitor all bands simultaneously for activity on what ever specific frequency you were on when you moved off that band. I think this is an enhancement that everyone would find extremely useful.


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