Topic: How about a code beacon for slower code speeds (1 replies)
#1     Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:07 pm
kalamazoo michigan
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Subject: How about a code beacon for slower code speeds


I am getting back into code and would like to see a beacon that is sending code practice at around ten word per minute.

Also, are there any slow speed nets on cq100?

Thanks WD8QXP
#2     Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:31 am
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Subject: Slower code speeds

Hi WD8QXP. I have not been a member of QSONET for very long. A few days in fact. I am an old guy who has not used a key for almost twenty years now. But I found nothing on here that would help either of us todate. It may change but don't hold your breath.

No need to give up though. Download CWCOM if you haven't already done so. It is free and is immensely useful in more ways that one. For you and your needs there is a News Robot pumping out some very interesting code at 15 words a minute. This is on channel 2346. There is another one on channel 2345 I think, which pumps it out at 25 words a minute. There is no hassle whatsoever. One thing, is don't waste your time on 10 words a minute. It will get you nowhere. Always try and copy code a bit faster than you did last time. Get on CWCOM. Log into channel 2346, sit back with your pad and pencil and enjoy it. Get down as much as you can. It is printed out on screen too, so you can check your progress afterwards. Sit facing away from the screen and you will not see what comes on until you have had enough. That's the way to go.

For afters, sit on a vacant channed and start sending out some 'Test. Test' and practise your keying too. CWCOM will print it out and will only print good if the keying is good, anything less than perfect will come out as gibberish. Good fun. You will enjoy it. Then you will be able to come on here, say on 20 mtrs, CQ frequency being 14.058 and call CQ CQ to your hearts content. If someone replies to your call and it is too fast, then key them a polite, 'PSE QRS 15' and they will slow down for you. Most of the members are pretty nice folks. Okay? 73 G0TUJ

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