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Subject: Re: Linking Features

Hi everyone:
KB2ITR wrote:
The ability To Connect to RF 2m,70cm,HF etc... Thru Com port
Settings Like all Other Voip Programs Can Be achieved.
it will need to have RTS DTR And (CD) Known as Carrier Detection
And the option to be inverted as well..

The users of Course would need a interface to connect there Radios
To the PC Like Rigblaster Plus USB or Signalink USB

I have a RigBlaster which has the VOX/RTS/DTR/CD switch set to AUTO (Although VOX is the only other option displayed) and the R/L switch set to BOTH. This RigBlaster interfaces with my EchoLink node (Which ironically will only work in VOX mode as far as the client is concerned).
Then the next Step would be Band Planning What Band would be used For Linking Stations. Plus some dtmf Controls for CQ100 to Control
The Station from a RF Radio....!

Well since my EchoLink node sits on 145.520 (Which is in the misc./experimental portion of the band in most of America), what I was thinking of was cross-linking CQ100 with my EchoLink node if the CQ100 client was capable of hearing and listening to the same source which I use for EchoLink (I'm pretty certain EchoLink would be able to hear and retransmit with the help of the RigBlaster anything from CQ100 in the same near-real-time fashion as EchoLink would retransmit to CQ100, but only time and experimentation would beat that out). The only thing I would have to do is either....

A) Use the station shortcut system for favorite frequencies on CQ100 like I do with my favorite (And not-so-favorite) EchoLink nodes and users now **OR**

B) Come up with a way to parse the access code (Like using the # or * signs either before or after the intended CQ100 frequency) whereas when I go to dial up a frequency on CQ100 (Like say for a net or whatever), I don't wind up connecting to a conference server on EchoLink where there may be either a QSO or another net taking place there as this would not be good. :lol:


Still Cq100 is a Great Software and has The potential to Be Better....
Thats up to the Software Designer to Make that Happen But who
Knows this may happen or Not..... Again it is still a great Software
I will Leave that up to you....

Well the developer may not need to do anything as far as linking to RF goes. But yes, I agree - There's always room for improvement. :D

Cheers & 73 :D
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Subject: CQ100 for remote control

I use Ham Radio Deluxe with "LogMeIn" to remotely control my ICOM 756PRO along with Skype but many times have problems getting through various wireless connections at some hotels apparently because of firewalls etc. I can however, bring up CQ100 with no problems at all at those locations. It would be great if I could get on CQ100 and then somehow control my station at home? You guys making CQ100 work have done wonders, especially for hams who otherwise would never be able to talk to other amateur operators.
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Subject: That is why CQ100 is to GOOD!

It is a simple program that works everywhere without problems - even on flakey wifi systems.

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