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Subject: CQ100 BPSK31

Hi All,

Background: W7TTY runs an internet TTY website that broadcasts 24/7 news articles, jokes, etc. that others feed to the queue. This allows those that like to copy rtty to do so and have fun.

Suggestion: I would like to see, on some obscure frequency on one of the CQ100 bands, a similar set up using bpsk31. Users will be allowed to upload news articles or whatever, once approved by the owner. A probationary period would be needed for each up-loader to assure they donít upload obscene articles.

This would allow those of us that like to listen and decode digital signals to have some fun doing so, over the internet. Perhaps, this also might encourage others to use CQ100 for digital QSOs.

Thanks for reading,
George, NJ3H

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