Topic: Display of callsigns and handles, who are active in QSO (3 replies)
#1     Mon Oct 16, 2006 10:36 pm
Oakwood GA
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Subject: Display of callsigns and handles, who are active in QSO

Seems like even with info displayed, I have a problem remembering who I am talking with.


#2     Tue Oct 17, 2006 1:37 pm
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I have same problem. Write a log program for memory both single and group / ring QSO. Instruktion only in Swedish but most command in English.

No installation garbage, only make a directory for exe-file and run it. Unload whole directory for complete uninstall. It is a portable app's and clean.
#3     Tue Oct 17, 2006 9:31 pm
Kokomo, Indiana
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I find it very convenient to open the Windows Notepad application and make notes there while in QSO.
#4     Fri Oct 20, 2006 9:54 pm
Denver, Colorado
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Hi everyone:

Since we all have to log onto a centralized server, how 'bout a YP listing? This way if one ham is looking for another, they can just perform a search via the website and/or the CQ100 itself so then this way the ham can go right to that frequency.

Add a hypertext link prefix extension such as cqcq:// that's specific to the CQ100 and all future versions of the virtual transceiver (like Skype has with the callto:// prefix extension), one can simply click on the link and be taken to that frequency and band automagically with the CQ100.


Cheers & 73 :D

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