Topic: Frequency Restrictions by License Class ? (0 replies)
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Subject: Frequency Restrictions by License Class ?

Question: I have license class "X" from country "Y" so I am not licensed to use modulation "M" on frequency "F". Are these license classes enforced on QsoNet?

Answer: QsoNet is outside the jurisdiction of government regulations for RF radio transmission. There is no RF. We can make our own rules here - whatever makes sense for this VOIP community. As long as you have ANY class of amateur radio license issued to you by the government of your country, you are entitled to full privileges on QsoNet. All operators are expected to use normal radio procedure - For example:

1. Identify your callsign frequently.
2. Always be courteous. Do not use a frequency that is already in use.
3. Do not use voice on the CW portions of the bands.
(i.e. frequencies tagged as "CW Band" on the transceiver)
4. Do not engage in commercial activity. No advertising.
5. Do not transmit music.

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