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Subject: Setting Mic Gain for Xmit Audio

The setting of Mic Gain seems to be a popular topic of discussion on the air. The Mic Gain sets the transmitter audio level. This knob works by secretly moving the slider in your mixer panel. It works only for microphone, not for Line-In or other inputs.

When you open the CQ100 transceiver it returns the gain and other stuff to wherever it was when you last closed the program.

There are 3 ways to move the mic gain...
1) drag the knob using your mouse.
2) Use your mouse wheel while hovering over the knob.
3) Use the Keyboard Left / Right keys while holding the Control key down.

The best setting for the transmit audio is approximately S9 to 10 peaks. Adjust your mic gain while transmitting to acheive this level.

The transmitting station and receiving station both see exactly the same S-Meter reading.

If your S-Meter is bouncing while you transmit, you are putting out audio. If the meter is not bouncing, you are transmitting carrier without audio.

Many people talk about the clock face setting of this knob. Disucussion of the clock face is a waste of time because it depends on the mic, computer and sound card. I have one microphone that needs a 5 oclock setting, while another mic needs a 9 oclock setting. Do your setting according to the S-Metter and don't worry about the clock face.

If you cannot get enough output from your microphone, click on the white question mark, then open the mixer panels. Look for Advanced button on the mixer, then checkmark the DB BOOST. Not all sound cards have this option.

Some microphones have very poor quality. Maybe they get damaged if someone has accidently plugged them into the speaker output. Usually mic plugs are red or pink, while speaker plugs are blue.


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