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#1     Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:51 am
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Subject: Cannot hear anything

I am a new user. I have tuned up through all the bands and heard nothing. I cannot believe that there is no one on so ........... any suggestions? Please.
#2     Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:30 am
Stephens City, Virginia, USA
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You are so right. Where is everyone? I find it truly amazing that CQ100 doesn't have wall-to-wall usage on the bands. For a mere ten cents a day, one would think many more would be using this fine system. The conversations on CQ100 are so clear and crisp that it is a real joy to talk to someone. For example at 3 am my local tiome this morning (0800 UTC), there was only one QSO going on on any of the CQ100 bands. It was: WI2P in Japan, A41KL in Oman, and myself NJ3H in the USA. This would have been darn near impossible on the real bands.

OK, so it isn't real radio. Part of me gets that. I for one like to work DX and have for years. I am only missing two from the current DXCC list. However, the thrill of just saying 59 Virginia has basically passed.

One thing of interest, an Antarctica station joined CQ100 the other day. He will be there until around the 18th of February. Who would have thought? Now if I could find an African station I will have all continents on CQ100.

So Tony, my wish is that many more hams would discover and use CQ100. There are times when there are more activity, but nothing like it should be.

For your information, I am a member of a group that meets on Wed, Fri, Sun at 0200z and Sat at 2000z on 28400. The group is called the Show and Tell net. See for info. Those that check in have fun showing pictures and working for awards. A good attempt to keep CQ100 active, while enjoying ourselves.

Hope top catch you on CQ100 one of these days.

George, NJ3H
Stephens City, Virginia USA

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