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Subject: Help About Sending Your License

Why do I need to send a copy of my license? All my information is on There is no RF, so what does it matter?

Many people ask why we cannot just go to and check your callsign. Well, any CB'er can go there and pick your callsign at random. We need some way to prove you are who you say you are. A picture of the license is the best way to show are really the licensed operator. If you don't have a scanner, you can use a digital camera or web cam. Just snap a picture of your license hanging on the wall.

A photo of your face, your pet, your station, your QSL card is NOT acceptable.
Public information from FCC, QRZ, Callbook, ARRL is NOT acceptable.
Text is NOT acceptable.
A screen shot from your browser is NOT acceptable

Four Ways to Send your License - Choose one only :)

    1) Use the button on your account page.

    2) Send an email attachment to douglas "at"

    3) Send a fax to (613) 822-5625. Please write your callsign in big letters on the fax page.

    4) Send postal mail to Cormac Technologies Inc., 28 N. Cumberland St., Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4K9, Canada. Remember it takes a bigger stamp to get to Canada.

I know this is a bother both for you and for me. But the purpose is to protect your callsign. We lose 1 out of 4 registrations because of this process, but the active stations are telling me it is worth the effort.

We have decided to limit the membership to licensed hams because they know proper radio procedure on our bands. You can just imagine the chaos that would happen on the real HF bands if the general public was allowed access. We don't want that to happen on the virtual bands either. QsoNet is a true ham radio simulator, so it is limited to real hams who know the proper procedures. QsoNet is a place to communicate with other hams. We have another program called CQPhone that can be used freely by the general public.

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