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Subject: Installing a Callsign onto Multiple Computers

Once your callsign has been validated, you may install the transceiver program onto many computers. Using the new computer, sign-in to your QsoNet account and click the download button to get a new copy of the installer. When you run the installer, be sure to enter your validated callsign. Now the program will open and begin working on the new computer.

If two stations want to use the same computer, they MUST be set up as seperate Windows Users for that computer. They each log into their windows account then install the program.

If two stations share the same windows account on the same computer, they should reinstall the program to change the callsign. This only takes a few seconds.

1) Do not try to RUN the same callsign on two computers at the same time. It may appear to work for a few minutes, but the oldest login will soon be disconnected.

2) If you accidently enter a wrong callsign during installation, simply re-install and the new callsign will overwrite the previous one.

3) If this is a public computer, it is not wise to checkmark "Remember Password" on the login box.

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