Topic: Logging a contact. What mode? (1 replies)
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Subject: Logging a contact. What mode?

When logging a CQ-100 contact in Software designed for conventional radios what mode would be used as the contat mode? Obviously CW if you using CW. But for voice, SSB? AM FM? Perhaps another digital mode?

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I look at the ADIF which says:

The following new modes are supported beginning December 2, 2007 as part of the ADIF V2.1.9 specification :
VOI - Voice over Internet

In case of QSL via eQSL for voice contacts I choose mode "VOI" and additinally at "special propagation mode" I choose "Internet " .
Similar CW: mode CW but additional the entry at special propagation mode = "internet" to make it clear that it was not a HF contact .

At eQSL you can find a list of the new modes of ADIF at

73 Uli

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