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Subject: New Version - April 16, 2008

There are two upgrades available for download on your account page. We recommend everyone install this "matched pair" as soon as possible.

CQ100 version 2.1 (build 277) and QsoTV version 1.1 (build 683).

This upgrade has some new features and fixes:
1) Solved problem where it was sometimes necessary to close CQ100 and re-open it before QsoTV would open.

2) Added a right-click "SAVE" menu to incoming pictures, so users may decide which pictures they wish to save.

3) Solved the problem off over-writing callsigns when images are re-sent by another station. Now, the ORIGINATOR callsign will be permanently stamped on the upper left, while the SENDER callsign will be temporarily shown on the bottom right.

4) SSTV sound effect now happens on BOTH transmit and receive of image.

5) Improved error messages, and misc. fixes.

73, Doug


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