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#1     Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:49 am
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Subject: Pse Qsl ???

I am posting a suggestion again regarding eQsl. I was looking back in my log and found that 46% of the stations worked on CQ100 are NOT registered users of eQsl. This is sad. Did you know that eQsl is helping to bring about a digital contest April 11 to 13 ( tenative date ) ? Did you know that eQsl now has a VOI mode on the card you send a station and also a internet propagation you can select to be put on the eQsl you send ? Did you know that eQsl is seriously considering awards for qsos made on CQ100 and the qso does not have to have an rf station involved unlike CQ magazine's award? Did you know that it cost NOTHING to register with eQsl and use their service to send and receive eQSLs ? We need to back the folks at eQsl and we also need to qsl with the stations we work on CQ100, it cost nothing and some of us are waiting for the award program to get underway ( hopefully ) and could use those eQsl. The last courtsey of a qso is a qsl and that applies to CQ100 qsos as well as rf qsos. I hope you seriously give eQsl some thought. 73 and PSE qsl- Larry K5ZRK
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Wow good points, I knew they had the listing now for internet and so on, I did not know they were thinking about an awards deal for CQ100 that is really cool.

You would think if they are recognizing CQ100 more now that they would add that toi there card that way, but I just put it in the comments section, thanks for the QSO on CQ100, works just fine.

Will be looking out for that contest for sure.
Larry N8RGO

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