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Subject: More done with UHF and VHF

I wish there was a way that more could be done with UHF and VHF and 6 meters through CQ100 as far as Live interaction. There might be a handfull of tech licenses up here that would love to so some talking on these meters bands as they would have no problem using them.

What I am thinking about is something similar to winradio where you have a receiver unit that hooks up to a PCI card of sorts that allows for the connection of an antenna to hear all the great activity. This could be along the same lines somehow but it would allow a person to have a viritual 2 meter, 440 or 6 meter radio that could access real outside RF and be able to talk on these meters band.

Then of course as far as HF in particular to the tech license people goes, well back to CQ100 for all of the HF since it does not travel outside the Airwaves, the best of both worlds

maybe what I am proposing runs along similar lines with the echo link or IRLP not sure. But that goes into the next question I may have asked or others have on here, is there things in the works to run echolink through a CQ100 type of interface, mostly for the look and feel of it all if nothing else.

That could be where a vititual 2 4 and 6 meter radio would come in handy sort of a compaion to the CQ100 in looks but would operate for the express purpose of echolink or IRLP

We know that Echolink and IRLP are a reality and there might be a way to run them via the CQ100 but is the technology available now to have a so called viritual 2 meter 440 and or 6 meter hooked up to a sort of PCI card with a antenna jack on the back so a person could just dial in to there local repeater and start talking via their computer microphone?? Just wondering

Sorry for rambling on, just like to know these things

PS: saw that one link that had a companion looking piece to the CQ100 that I believe was for SW listening do not know if this is going to be a reality through the CQ100 system as an addon or not, does anybody know?

Thanks again for letteing me ramble on, on things that may have come up in the past but for one reason or another did not take hold. I am still pretty new up here so may have missed things in the past.
Larry Roop N8RGO

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