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Subject: Interface ing

Hello there Doug this is Richard KD7DHC just got back off vacation with the family all is swell . The ? I have is the interfaceing system that we chateed about a month ago have you put in the the help program for the interfacers so that they will key the transceivers . Standing awaiting your reply Rich . 8) [/i][/b]
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Hi Rich,

We have been working on some ideas for the Rig Interfacing add-on, plus the CW Keyer add-on, plus the Logging add-on . Work on these has slowed because we received a government contract that will keep us busy for a couple months. The CW Keyer is almost ready to go, but we intend to add receiving capablity before it is released. It sends great CW using the paddle hooked to a serial port.

73 Doug

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