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#1     Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:53 pm
Burton, NB. Canada
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Subject: Canadian Payment/USd Exchange Rate

I did a quick calculation based on the current exchange rate and if I paid now in US dollars, based on the US/Can rate, it would cost me $36.16 CAD. I see that on the How to Pay, the Canadain payment is stated as being $39.00? Therefore, my suggestion to Canadians is that before you pay you should check the exchange rate and you will in all probably save if you pay in US dollars vice making a payment of $39.00 in Canadian dollars. :(
This is a great program and I enjoy using it. :)

Finally, I would have thought that since this program was dveloped in Canada by a Canadian that all currency payments for the use of this program would be based on Canadian Dollars and not USD? No descrimination here to our friends to the South, but I am Canadian. :?:
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Hi Gus,

Today's rate for $32 USD is $37.75 Canadian. It is up from $36.45 a few months ago. If you don't believe me check
I need to pay 6% GST on Canadian sales, so $37.75 becomes $40.01

As of today, I am increasing the Canadian price to $40.00 CDN. so that is equivalent to $32 USD.

Thanks for your advice on international ecommerce :) Most people on earth have never heard of a Canadian dollar and they will not make payment in a currency they don't understand. The ability to pay in Canadian Dollars was done as a special favour to Canadians.

73 Doug

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