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#1     Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:44 am
Oxford UK
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Subject: data cards and mobile use

HI can anyone explain to me the use of "data cards" which allow you to connect to this system whilst mobile.Are they available in the uk, and what are the approximate prices, plus ongoing costs, as I understand that these use the cellphone network.Also, can you connect to echolink using these cards, bearing in mind the "port" issues. Any advice gratefully received. Des.
#2     Fri Feb 02, 2007 1:40 pm
Queen Creek AZ
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Subject: Data Cards

Des, I know I answered this before in the other forum but I thought others may benefit from posting an answer here also.

Celluar Data Cards for laptops is just another way to get Internet access. EchoLink or QsoNet doesn't care what you use.

You can visit Vodafone here to learn more:

or at:

Consider the cellular data service to be similar to "dial-up" service for laptops. However, this service is considerably faster than regular landline dial-up service.

Since this service is a dedicated service, you get an IP addressed assigned to your laptop for the session. That means no adjustment of port assignments for EchoLink. This is true if your data provider provides a "public IP" for your session only!

Recently, I learned that some folks using Cingular here in the states, have a tough time getting Echolink to work because Cingular does not issue a public IP address to them.

I use Sprint Cellular Data Service all the time in my vehicle. I have wonderful CQ100 QSOs and EchoLink fun.

So, if you are thinking about subscribing to a cellular data service, make sure that they provide a "public IP" address.

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Shelley Idaho
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Subject: Using aircards

:D Verizon in the US and Vodaphone In the UK (same Company) us an ip adress For thier Aircards that will work on Echolink as well as CQ100. Alot of area's are using EVDO 3g service which is running about 300-700 kbs upload speed and 1 to 2 megbps download speeds. So it is plenty fast and works seamlessly across a large area of most metro and surrounding area's Give It a try! With ur laptop. It sure works well on mine!

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