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#1     Thu Dec 28, 2006 2:46 am
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Subject: Use of CQ100 over HF ( RF )

I for one enjoy using the CQ100 for my QSO's for right now, I drive truck over the road as a owner operator. I have UHF / VHF / HF in my rig I use them as much as I can when the bands are up. It does pass the time by real quick. As a driver I do get bored real easy on my trips. ( 500-600 miles daily) I also use CQ100 while I'm driving, I talk to other drivers & make a few qso's every day. and it allows me to see & use the others bands and try using other modes of communication.
For me its worth the $32.00 to have another venue of comunicating with other hams through-out my day. I'll not give up regular RF communication because I enjoy the Hobby no matter what, even with all the changes going on right now.
With the price of equipement these days I can justify the price. and as far as QSL's go. If I get them from using CQ100 thats good, If not I'm not going to loose any sleep over it. Also this venue is great for alot of retired hams that live in assited living & atlotment communities, and other areas that have antenna restrictions. Just enjoy the Hobby & try not to read into the future to much you might be disappointed. Because you never now whats going to happen tomorrow. Live one day at a time.( just my $0.02 opinion ) ( Have a Great & Safe New Year )

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