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Subject: News About QsoNet

The CQ100 transceiver version 0.90 was released for beta testing on August 21, 2006. This is the first software transceiver to use the QsoNet system.

The free trial period has been extended to 90 days.

Version is 0.92 was released September 2, 2006.

What's new in version 0.92?

1. The CW keyer is working now. See the help file for instructions.
2. Occasional crash error "Exception Out of Bounds" has been fixed.
3. The "Account" button on the login box was fixed. It sometimes was not working.
4. Some changes to graceful handling of internet disconnection. This might need some more work in the next version.

The current version is 1.00 was released September 12, 2006.

What's new in version 1.00?
1. The S-Meter now returns to zero if a transmitting station keys off while talking.
2. Error message upon internet disconnect was improved.
3. Minor changes to Help File wording.

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