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#1     Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:27 am
Spanaway, WA
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Subject: Awareness of our surroundings

It is apparent that word has not gotten out to some that links to RF, Echolink, eQSO, etc, exist on QsoNet above 29.0. This evening several fellows dropped in on my published link frequency of 29.69 and began discussing slow scan TV. I have no problem with this in itself because I do SSTV myself. I was, however, afraid that they were going to begin sending SSTV on my link frequency. I broke in and advised them that 29.0 - 29.7 on CQ100 contains various links, and asked them choose their frequency wisely. The fellows came back and indicated that they had no idea that linking of any kind existed on QsoNet. I forsee problems occuring if users of QsoNet do not look before they leap. Perhaps a more concerted effort should be made by all to stay informed before jumping in head first. A suggestion: Perhaps a statement about link frequencies can be given to all new users of CQ100 upon initial registration. I believe that this would help to alleviate problems down the road.

On the subject of links, I have recently observed several instances of people continuing to operate QsoNet links to RF on other than 29.0 - 29.7.Those people are asking for problems, mainly interference from people in casual conversation that are unaware of their existence and not to mention that they are operating in violation of QsoNet administrator's directive about link frequencies. People have a tendency to just jump onto any frequency, both on RF as well as QsoNet, and begin transmitting, without consideration that there may be a non-frequency agile system or
link parked there. Please folks... Make sure that you do not fall into this category. If you must operate above 29.0 on QsoNet, please make sure
that you have reviewed the growing list of RF links that reside up there. This will save everyone the embarrasment of an incident, which will make operating a pleasure for all.

I welcome everyone to my link frequency, 29.69. At this time I have an experimental link with Echolink, node number 9426. This week I am
ordering the hardware necessary to link to my two meter repeater in Graham, WA, on 147.14, 103.5 hz. If it works well, I may stay linked to both the repeater as well as Echolink simultaneously. This is pending some experimentation. A final determination will be forthcoming.
Have fun!
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Gary - K7EK
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I suggest the station info for link stations clearly show it is a link. This info is changed on your account page.
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Well Its just the beginning. I have noticed alot of stations with there audio completely to the right of the meter. I have been watching very closely and think I will maintain my repeater on echolink. CQ100 has alot to be desired before I submit to the RF linking of this software. Dont get me wrong I love the software in other ways CW,SSTV but to say the software is ready to be cut loose over local rf air waves I am not willing to acknowledge.

Most users off the software including myself need to get a handle on the audio gain controls from one transmission to the next. Its almost ridiculous If its in the red your wrong. In my humble opinion , should be the standard. Not to mention these SSTV guys with the SSTV sounds going out at 30+Db and they wonder why they cant receive anything? It makes me wonder if they are even looking at the scope on the sstv software?

I must admit however I have been having a great time with the CW mode. WOW its awesome in that respect , hands down to CQ100. The SSTV well good luck with that , Enjoy. I say if you wanna send pics try Interace. I think its good for future possabilies of emergency communications to use the SSTV but cmon Turn it down 20+ Db er so. Please?

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