Topic: I need HELP!!! Using MMSSTV with the CQ100 (1 replies)
#1     Mon Nov 27, 2006 1:45 am
Copake NY
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Subject: I need HELP!!! Using MMSSTV with the CQ100

I have the MMSSTV program and am totally new to sstv and how it is used. I would like to know how to interface this with the cq100 so I can receive sstv transmissions and maybe even send something if I get a web cam or want to send a picture. I have always worked the radio just using phone bands and cw so the whole computer with ham radio is all new to me. I do enjoy using the cq100 a great deal. Being disabled, I don't get out to the shack as much as I would like to. It has been a great addition to the modes used on ham radio and has been great medicine for me too.
If anyone can explain how to accomplish what I am trying to do in simple terms I would appreciate it a great deal.
Thanks for such a great program(CQ100) and a break through in ham radio/internet communications.
Rich, W2EBR[/b]
#2     Sun Jan 07, 2007 1:52 pm
burnley lancashire
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well thats the first thing i did after setup is run a few sstv programs just for the sake of it.

MMSSTV ran straight out the box auto start auto mode no problems and it nearly fits under the tx/rx (21"monitor) :lol: .

so start it up and make sure it shows signal activity in the the scope then tune to a sstv signal the decode should kick in although you may need some slant correction etc etc to rectify sound card issues , if not then you'll need to tweak your soundcard to record the wav source.

hope this helps

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