Topic: Have we been here before? (3 replies)
#1     Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:36 pm
New Haw
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Subject: Have we been here before?

There is no doubt about it, the program is beyond excellent, there are many call signs that have been around a long time and I know circumstances for some of them is very difficult to operate as they did in their earlier times, but I see some calls come up on this program that I have seen appear over the last 5/7 years through my gateway that I do not hear on HF, even with good propagation, the same calls or usernames appear right through the VoIP spectrum; you name the program es you will see them. This has been commented on before and it's a pity that if you get a hard worked for call sign to work on HF you can now go through the motions of an QSO and ask for a Qsl card just by using the computer. I was asked 2 days ago to Qsl "via the buro" on this program . The request burnt me... maybe a macro but it was still transmitted...keep smiling... Geoff G4CAO
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How about virtual QSL?

Many have been using Eqsl for acknowledging contacts. (

Seems to make sense to me.... Virtual QSL for Virtual contact....

Some are even collecting WAC and WAS.....

No matter how I feel about it, I think it is here to stay.



de W0NBP
#3     Tue Nov 28, 2006 8:36 am
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To not double post

Please see my post on 28 Nov 2006 at 8:33am on topic "Can I Take a Real QSL Card?"".

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W0NBP wrote:
How about virtual QSL?

Many have been using Eqsl for acknowledging contacts.

I am an eQSL user but I don't want QSLs for Internet chats, any more than I would QSL a phone call. That's barmy.

If people eQSL "virtual contacts" using the "virtual band" they were on, it will mess up people's real logs and discredit the entire eQSL award program.

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