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Subject: Pricing, SWL's and virtuality, how far can it be taken....

The program is good and becoming more popular. I have noticed this over the past week or so I have been on. People do compare it to EchoLink and the like but there is a big difference and that may be its saving grace. I look forward to a better featured virtual transceiver interface, with perhaps extra "vfo's". I'm sure there will also come a time when more "bands" will be required due to the increasing popularity.

Some people are left out though, for example SWL's and would-be hams who do not have a license and cannot therefore register. A free, receiver only version would be the thing for them. We also have beginner hams here in the Philippines who would benefit from listening to simulated radio conversations as many do not have the money to buy rigs etc and for whom $32 is a very big deal.

The pricing could start with a free system for SWL's and would not require any registration. The next level could include a Basic transceiver system for licensed hams, simulating QRP (up to 10W) and a simple antenna. To make things more realistic, their range of contacts would have to be limited by simulated propagation effects, depending also on the time of day, much the same as actual propagation. Perhaps we could leave out the fact that we are at sunspot minimum!
Higher pricing levels would give benefits such as a simulated higher power level, better antennas, and more sophisticated rig and access to "weaker" signals of course.
How far can the "virtual" radio system be taken? I did read someone suggesting "virtual qrm"!
I'm being a little bit tongue in cheek with the latter items but I certainly think the SWL system should be considered.
How far fetched are these suggestions? Are they even possible to implement?


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Subject: Pricing, SWL's and virtuality, how far can it be taken....


I, too, share your thoughts and ideas regarding the "receive-only" CQ100.

Doug has created a wonderful simulation that is certain to grow exponentially in the coming months. His original idea is sound, and should be adhered to. It will be difficult as many will wish to "drive" CQ100 in varying directions--especially as money changes hands--the majority will be the leveraging force.

My heart was warmed this morning, prior to leaving for work, as I quickly fired up CQ100 and immediately heard 9-year old VK1AA having a QSO with another gentleman. NINE YEARS OLD!!!

How many young people today would come across a shortwave receiver at a freinds house and ask, "What's that?" I honestly believe the answer is almost nil. The present generation of young people have grown up with the Internet, and they don't blink an eye when given the option to "go to this website and download this "cool" program".

Given that, I would greatly like to see Doug consider creating a free "receive only" version of CQ100---exactly like the original, but with the ability to "transmit" disabled. With a simple registration, like most other software today--name, address and email---a user could then "SWL" exactly like the majority of us did when we first were introduced to Amateur Radio.

This would, hopefully, generate interest, and lead newcomers into our grand hobby. What a remarkable opportunity to reach out to a whole new generation of young people and give them a taste of what Ham radio "sounds" like.

I even envision, for those hams that wish to be contacted, a button could be added to the front panel of the "CQ-100-SWL" version, that when pressed--would display all the closest hams to that SWL's IP address--along with their email address so they could contact them to learn more about Ham radio--and how to get started. :D

With one stroke, the CQ-100 could become a new, and enjoyable alternative to our HF rigs--and at the same time also generate a new wave of interest in Amateur Radio in an unprecedented manner.

I truly believe the timing is right for this.


Stan Weber

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For those who are interested in 'virtual swl receiving' here is a URL that includes information for those interested.


Have fun

de W0NBP


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