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#1     Tue Oct 31, 2006 4:55 pm
Bywong, NSW Australia
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Subject: CQPhone and CQ100

Maybe it's just my setup, but after running a packet analyzer on the CQ100 connection, I found that if CQPhone is running, it hogs packets with continual server polls.

This might not affect broadband users too much, but it must have some effect on the dialup users. Perhaps it contributes to part of the dropouts we all experience.

Anyway, I turned off CQPhone and the outbound packet count dropped nicely. I'll keep monitoring the connection to see if throughput improves.


#2     Wed Nov 01, 2006 11:22 am
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Hi Alex. I know exactly what is happening with CQPhone because I wrote the program. It sends a tiny outbound UDP packet 3 times a minute to assist in router transversal. Many routers will create a 30 second inbound pinhole after experiencing an tiny outgoing packet to the same port and address. This is normal for CQPhone and it helps many people with router port forwarding problems. To send a tiny outbound UDP packet 3 times a minute is insignificant traffic even for a dialup connection.

This pinholing behavior uses only about 1/2000 of a typical dialup connection.

QsoNet uses a single, continuous, outbound TCP connection so there are no router issues at all.

73 Doug

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