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#1     Fri May 04, 2012 10:32 pm
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Subject: Should I or Shouldn't Renew

Been a member sense Feb.26,2007 and coming up for renew in a few weeks at the new price. Doug have you any intention of up dating the member ship list to exactly how many people are member of CQ100? Every time I look there doesn't seem to be anyone on and I've check different times of the day and its always the same thing. If people keep dropping off or not joining how much longer can you run the program without going up again and again. Does anyone know when is the best time the band are busy?Its a great program but its not worth $.11 cents a day if you can't ever find anyone to talk too without joining one of the nets and give your name and call to win some award. This is great if you enjoy doing this, but boring if your not interested in awards. Well I really don't expect to get any coments or answer from Doug but it would be nice.
#2     Sat May 05, 2012 7:45 am
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Subject: Net list

Take a look here for some of the activity:

I spend about three hours a day with various nets on CQ-100 daily. Sure enjoy it - 'specially with the QSO TV.

When the summer thunderstorms are hammering 75 meters on RF - it sure is nice to escape to the quiet and sanity of CQ-100. When 40 is dead from a solar flare, CQ-100 is still working fine.

Last evening I was talking to a station in Western NY, Tenn, and two in Australia. Ever do that on RF? Ever send pictures of your shack or locale on HF?

To me, renewing is a no-brainer!
#3     Mon May 07, 2012 7:17 pm
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For what's worth, the Show and Tell Net has a new schedule:
Sun, Wed, Fri at 0130z to 0300z. Check-ins start at 0100. The net now starts one-half hour earlier and runs for 90 minutes.

The discussion net is now the second and fourth Monday of the month. It starts at 9:30 pm EDT. There is no awards net after the discussion net. Why the discussion net time is given in US time is beyond me. A number of us have spoken to the head of the group to no avail. I give up trying to explain UTC to those that don't care to use it. UTC is the same time world over and should be the standard that is used. If I made up bumper stickers, I would have one that says "Real Hams use UTC".

As far as re-newing CQ100. What else are you going to spend 11 cents a day on? Its not ham radio, but it sure is a nice tool in the tool belt.

George, NJ3H

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