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#1     Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:00 pm
Erie, PA
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Subject: Looking for an Elmer

Hi All! I am not sure if anyone would help, but i thought I would ask. I have had my Technician license since early last year. I have not been on the air yet, although i have a Icom handheld and I am looking for a 10 meter unit. I came across this site in the Popular Communications magazine and thought I would join. It has been so long since I got the license when my memory was fresh.

Would someone like to set up a time to be my first contact. I cannot get over how nervous I am about it. I will quickly catch on, it's just getting through it the first couple times.

Have a great evening everyone!

Erie, PA
#2     Sun Nov 13, 2011 2:01 pm
Edmonton AB
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Subject: Elmer

Hi Ruby. I do not see any replies to our post as yet. Time for me to welcome you to CQ100. I would be happy to set up a sked with you but it is difficult to do, my times on here are very erratic. Suggest get on the calling frequency 14.200 and call CQ. Don't be concerned if you do not get an immediate reply. Try again later. If you would like to post times when you might be available I will attempt to be on. When giving the times pleas tell me what time zone. I am on MST..
Milt VE6ER

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