Topic: heatsinks and cooling fans (2 replies)
#1     Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:46 am
Oxford UK
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Subject: heatsinks and cooling fans

You are doing a great job Doug. Nice to see us topping 1000 users.I am keeping an eager eye on the numbers. How about a " reverse view " of the CQ 100 tranceiver complete with a nice chunky heatsink and cooling fan which comes on when a ham waffles for more than two or three minutes ( hi hi... )
#2     Fri Oct 20, 2006 4:04 pm
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Hi Des. Someone should put a small computer motherboard into a transceiver case and come up with a real hardware transceiver. The coax connector on the back would connect to the cable TV wire instead of the antenna :)
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Denver, Colorado
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Hi everyone:

That'd be great for working 2 meter FM simplex. :P

I say that because isn't cable channel 18 right on 145.250 Mhz.? (Or is that OTA channel 18?)

Cheers & 73 :D

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