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Subject: the second annual cq100 SweepStakes is coming!

the second annual cq100 sweepstakes
sponsored by: Trippy Brown, ac8s
If youíve never participated in sweepstakes, youíre missing out on some serious fun!
The wonderful thing is, in the cq100 sweepstakes, you wonít have splatter from neighboring stations, because of digital tuning.
The goal of the cq100 sweepstakes is to make as many contacts as you can, work all 50 US states, all Canadian provinces, and all dx countries.
However, you donít have to do that. Just get on, and have some fun, working stations for an hour, a couple hours, or, whatever amount of time you want to work the contest.
Donít sit this contest out, even if you never have been in a contest before. Come on in, get your feet wet, the water is fine, so, get on the air and have some fun! If you send in your log, great, if not, great too!
starts 2300z or 6PM EST, Friday, December 31, 2010
ends 0500z, or 12 midnight EST, Sunday, January 2, 2011
classes: single op single station
modes: CW, phone, or mixed
bands: the cq100 bands of 80, 75, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters
NOTE--Please do not use the following calling frequencies:
14.200, the general calling frequencies
14.140, the Canadian calling frequency
14.058, the cw calling frequency
3.699, the Finnish calling frequency
3.780, the Swiss calling frequency
NOTE--To all contesters: please ask if a frequency is in use before making a cq sweepstakes call. If the frequency is in use, please qsy to another frequency. In times in the past, us contesters have been given a bad name because some have not done that, and that is bad radio practice.
exchange: qso number, beginning with 001, and when you get to 10, you can type in just 2 digits all the way on up. precedent, (the only precedent will be d for digital), your call sign, the check, that is the last 2 digits of the year you were first licensed, and your section (US stations, give your state. Canadian stations, give your province. dx stations your country.
NOTE--the section must only be the 2 letter abbreviation of your state, province, or dx country. Example, Mi for Michigan, On for Ontario, and Au for Australia.
work stations once per mode per band.
to read about cq100, and to download the software, go to
qso points: 1 point per qso, for example, 50 qsos equals 50 points.
multipliers: there will be no multipliers.
scoring: total number of qsos equals total qso points, for example, 500 qsos equals 500 points, we want this scoring easy for people to figure out.

band running

There will be no band running in this contest. In other words, you may not work a station, and then say, ďletís go to another band. Can you meet me on ...?Ē You must get on a band and call your cqs to get each station that way.

log format: can be in cabrillo, must be in plain text, or you may do your own log, using Word, or WordPad not excel. The format must be a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt format. You also can use logging programs, such as n3fjp, n1mm, or ei5di software.
Hereís an example of what must be included in each log.
1. put the name of the contest on the top of the log, example cq100 sweepstakes log
2. your email address, so if you win, I can contact you.
3. your state, Canadian province, or dx country
4. the call sign you used during the contest
5. Anytime you switch bands, you must indicate that in your log.
6. If you switch modes, from phone to cw, or, from cw to phone, you must include that.
The reason for this is, you donít want dupes, (meaning duplicate stations worked on the same mode on a particular band.
7. Hereís what each log entry needs to show:
A. the qso number you sent, from 1 through 9 it would be 001, etc., then from 10 up, just number 10, 11, 100, 1000, etc.
B. the call sign of the station you worked
C. their precedence they sent, and itís always d, because itís digital, no amount of watts.
D. the check they sent, which is the last 2 digits of the year they were first licensed as a ham.
E. their US state, Canadian province, or their dx country they sent.
An example of a log entry follows
55 w3lpl
8. at the end of the log, put the total number of qsos you worked
So, it would say something like, total number of qsos is 5432
9. your full name, your mailing address, and phone number with area code, so I can contact you if I canít get through via email, to tell you if you won the contest, and give you your choice of what kind of an award you want, or, if you didnít win, to tell you where you placed in the contest.
deadline date for submitting logs: February 1, 2011.
email address to send logs to: wd8oep2464(at)sbcglobal(dot)net
Will print logs be accepted? Yes, but only done on a printer, not hand written.
The reason Iím being very specific about logs is, Iím blind and can only read plain text files, or files printed out on a printer through my scanner.
address for sending print logs to: Harry Brown
2631 Krafft Rd
Apt 211
Port Huron, Mi. 48060
The top winner will receive his/her choice of a very nice cq100 Sweepstakes first place trophy, metal, banner, plaque, coffee mug, pendant, patch, key chain, pin, or certificate!

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