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Subject: 8 Land QSO Party

8 Land QSO Party Announcement

The first annual 8 land QSO party, sponsored by Trippy Brown, AC8S

Starts 2300Z, March 12, 2010 (6 pm friday eastern)
Ends 0500Z, March 14, 2010 (midnight Saturday night eastern)
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters, (on HF and also on CQ100).

The goal of the contest:
For 8th call area stations to work as many stations as possible inside and outside the 8th call area, and for non 8th call area stations to work as many 8th call area stations in Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia as possible.

NOTE-- on CQ100, please do not use the following calling frequencies:

14.200, the general calling frequency
14.140, the Canadian calling frequency
14.058, the cw calling frequency
3.699, the Finnish calling frequency
and 3.780, the Swiss calling frequency

Modes: phone, CW, or mixed.
Work stations once per band per mode.

Classes: single station single op.

Exchange: stations in the 8th call area in Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia, give consecutive QSO number beginning with number 1, and your county and state. Non 8 call area stations give your QSO number, and your state, Canadian province, and dx stations give your dx country.

To learn more about CQ100 and to download the software, please go to

Scoring: 1 point per QSO.

Multipliers: There will be no multipliers for this contest. This will make figuring out your score easier.

Deadline for submission of logs: Monday, April 12, 2010.

Format of logs: can be in Cabrillo format, or, you may do it using Microsoft word, or word pad, not Excel.

You also can use loging programs, such as N3FJP, N1MN, or EI5DI software.

Hereís an example of what must be included in each log:

1. on the top of the log, put the name of the contest, example 8 land QSO party log.

2. your email address, so if you win, I can contact you.

3. your state, Canadian province, or dx country.

4. the call sign you used during the contest.

5. Any time you switch bands, you must indicate that in your log.

6. If you switch modes, from phone to cw, or, from cw to phone, you must include that. The reason for this is, you donít want dupes, (meaning duplicate stations worked on the same mode on a particular band.

7. You must have the following information in each log entry for each station worked:

a) The QSO number you gave the station. From 1 through 9 it would be 001, etc., then from 10 up, it would be for example, 10, 20, 100, 1000, etc.

b) the call sign of the station you worked.

c) the QSO number they gave you.

d) If itís an 8 land station, their county and state. If itís not an 8 call area station, just give their state, Canadian province, or their DX country.

An example of a log entry for a particular contact follows.

St. Clair Mi.

8. At the end of the log put the total number of qsos that you worked, for example, total number of qsos is 500

9. Your full name, your mailing address, and phone number with area code, so I can contact you, if I canít contact you via email to tell you if you won the contest, and give you your choice of what kind of an award you want, or, if you didnít win, to tell you where you placed in the contest.

You may not use a pen or pencil for your log. This must be printed out, or, emailed to me.

Note-- When submitting a log, please put the total number of QSOs on the top line of the log. Iím blind, and in case I canít read the log, for whatever reason, at least Iíll know how many QSOs you got.

Send logs to:
Myself, AC8S.
Email: wd8oep2464 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

mail printed logs to:
Harry Brown
2631 Krafft Rd
Apt 211
Port Huron, Mi. 48060

The overall winner will be notified by me, and receive his/her choice of a very nice trophy, metal, banner, pendant, plaque, coffee mug, patch, key chain, pin, or certificate!

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