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Subject: Musical Hams ??? or any hams

You might enjoy this site Kenyon Dye is a musician of many talents and is on line LIVE nearly 7 days a week from St. Augustine, Fla. You can watch him sing, play trumpet during his 4 hour gig. You can text chat with others that are on line. He also texts with the online crowd during his gig. There are 6 windows for online web cams so many of the listeners are also visible on their cams.

You can simply join in the texting and watch the gig .. OR .. you can register (simple user name and a pass word) at so you can be one of the webcam users in addition to the texting.

His setup is quite amazing as he has built the entire piano bar and takes it with him every day to the next gig. Interesting pictures on the site showing the steps during the buiding of the piano bar.

Give it a try... it's a fun spot to spend either a few minutes or a whole evening listening, text and watching.

When he is not live, there is usually a REBROADCAST of a previous gig running so you can log on usually 24 hours a day... and there are quite often people there to chat at times other than show time.

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