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Cheltenham Glos.
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Subject: T9 on CQ100

T9 on CQ100
At the risk of repeating what has already been said on this topic, it is worth reminding cw operators to go to some effort to generate a good T9 note. It still seems to be too common a practice to place a microphone over the speaker grill of a cheap cw practice oscillator. All too often it is a grating rasping sound with the background noise of the tv, the grandkids squabbling or the xyl exhortingyou to get off the radio and come and do some chores! Certainly some of those signals would be an embarrassment on hf bands.

What to do about it? Well there is the excellent keyboard option provided already. If you cannot touch-type then here is an incentive to learn. Elsewhere there is the Dahdidah program available as an accessory to CQ100. Your key or paddle needs to be wired for the an RS232 port on the PC if it still has one.

Otherwise use the sidetone output from what most of us already have - a modern hf rig. This has all the good keying characteristics and functions for a T9 tone. All that is necessary is to patch the headphone output from the rig into the Line Input of the PC and plug headphones into the Line Output. Adjust the rig AF output, the PC Line Input level control and the Microphone level control on the display so that between them the sidetone is comfortable to listen to and the display meter reads S9 - no more! ( More than this doesn't make the signal louder, just rougher with more "breaks" on cw).

This may seem a trivial use for your FT1000MP but any small QRP rig will do just as well. I use an Elecraft K1.
CQ100 is such a fine system, especially for cw, that it deserves a little effort to put out a signal to be proud of and a pleasure to listen to.

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