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#1     Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:31 pm
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Subject: More on QSO-TV

Hi all .... Here are my comments on QSO-TV, Doug, you did a terrific job with the new addition to your program. I like it. My only concerns are with some of the operators that continually post their pictures during a QSO even tho they are not connected to the QSO. I find some of the picture risque and offensive. If my grandkids, young kids or my wife are looking over my shoulder and these photos and graphics appear it is embarassing to me and to the ham radio family. I like the idea of have one (or more on other frequency bands) that would be used only for hams who want to share all their pictures. Either that or change the program back to the way you had it. You had to be connected to another station to send and receive photos. Again, Doug, you did a first class job on QSO-TV, I hope hams will be a little more selective in what they upload on any frequency. K3KGX, Dan

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