Topic: Wrong Error Message - Must be using version 2+ (0 replies)
#1     Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:38 pm
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Subject: Wrong Error Message - Must be using version 2+

A few people are seeing this error message even though they have installed CQ100 version 2.0.

1) Click the white question mark and be sure you are running version 2.0

2) If QsoTV is already running on your computer, you will see this error message when you click the icon to try to open a second one. We need to fix this error message to say - "QsoTV is already running". Check your task bar at the bottom to see if QsoTV is already running behind some other window.

3) An internal failure of communication between CQ100 and QsoTV will cause this error. If this happens, close CQ100 and restart it. The restart will also fix problem #2 above.

We can duplicate problem #1 and #2 but not #3. If anyone believes #3 is a real bug, please let us know, with any information about your Windows version and firewalls.

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