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Subject: narrowing my options

Hello everyone
I am almost brand new to CQ100 I had a question about hooking my paddle key up to my computer using the line in on the sound card? Ok found out I could not do this directly. So here I am reading all of these posts about dahdidah and different cables and ports and the list goes on.

So will someone please narrow all of this down for me, I did a google search for dahdidah and could not find it, where can I download this at?
Second is this what I really want to use so that I can make my paddle key work with CQ100?

I have a desktop HP computer I believe I have the reltek sound card or whatever it is called since that is what is showing up in my setup for CQ100. I have a paddle key called a Bencher and all I want to do is hook it up and use it in conjuction with CQ100 instead of using the built in keyer and typing.

Please give me some straight forward answers on how to accomplish this with out having to buy alot of other stuff, cables ect. I really can not afford to buy to much stuff.

I am not a person that does much at all with CW period, and really need to try and get back to doing things with it, practice and all, but like alot of other people what little I do do with it I want to do it with the paddle key and not do the typing. If this turns out to be to much of a hassle I can proberly just forget the cw stuff altogether. Open to all suggestions, thanks.
Larry Roop N8RGO

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