Topic: Dahditdah program does not like my laptop (22 replies)
#21     Sat Sep 15, 2007 5:17 pm
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Hi Frank.... I will have to ask them about what you suggested. They built our old desktop windows 98... many, many years ago.

Although this laptop came from them, it is an ACER and not built by them... maybe local computer places only build desktops... I have no clue.

Their cheaper desktops are ACER but the higher end setups are put together right here on their site... they have several techs.

I hope I can get some results with the sound issues when I take this laptop in next week... as I stated above, I do have several good recordings of the problem sitting on the desktop waiting for the techs to listen to..... so it won't be like taking your chevy into the dealer and they can't get it to act up. :)

I'll keep you posted.... I hope they can give me a fix as I really don't want to invest anymore at this time if I don't have to.

#22     Mon Oct 01, 2007 12:52 am
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Subject: Plug in all Dahdidah related hardware prior to bootup.

Reminder to anyone using a USB to SERIAL adapter to connect their keyer paddle to their notebook PC:

Be sure the USB to SERIAL adapter is plugged into the notebook's USB port BEFORE booting the notebook to insure that the keyer paddle will work properly.

I learned this from experience with my own notebook and by helping others get their notebooks working with a paddle. This seems to be applicable with Dahdidah and CWCOM at the very least.

If you are having trouble getting your keyer paddle working with whatever program you are using to send code on QSONET AND you are using a USB to Serial adapter to connect the paddle, make sure the adapter is connected prior to boot up.


Frank KB4T
#23     Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:04 am
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Subject: Daddidah w/laptop

Just a note of thanks to all for postings and comments. I, too, had all sorts of problems and issues (took well over a month of frustrations) but finally achieved a good "fit" with CQ100 and Dahdidah. The program works extremely well and I am so VERY happy I did not end up with an external keyer/oscillator. Once guys find out that I am not on the keyboard they go nuts wondering how I got my CW to sound so good. Great keyer, great program -- love CQ100. Really appreciate KB4T's comments -- they kept me going until I achieved success. Pat KA5P

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