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Subject: Problem using ASIO4ALL


I'm using CQ100 on Windows 7 with Dahdidah to send paddle-generated CW.

Everything works as it should using the Windows DirectSound driver. However, based on discussions on this site and the Dahdidah documentation, it appears the ASIO4ALL driver is preferred over Windows DirectSound.

I installed ASIO4ALL and when I use it in Dahdidah, I no longer have any sound in CQ100. Checking the ASIO4ALL control panel revealed that the Audio Output may have a conflict when using both ASIO4ALL and CQ100 at the same time.

My sound card is built into a AsusTek motherboard. I've loaded the latest Realtek drivers.

Any thoughts or ideas on this would be most welcome. If I can't get ASIO4ALL to work, I'm going back to using the Windows Direct Sound.


N5BCN - Brian

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